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Blood Requirement and Donation

Donation ! Sounds scary, Isn’t it? Actually, it is not. Let me elaborate when ‘donation’ word associate with ‘blood‘ it is beneficial for the doner, it doesn’t cost a single penny. You must have read this in your 10th class textbook , there is nothing new. There your teacher must have urged you to donate blood regularly(in gap of every 8 weeks) when you’ll be a healthy adult and many of you did promise to donate it too. But as the time passed your life became more busier than before ,you have your work load and busy schedule. I’m too a 20 year old student and I understand it very well and I too promised my teacher to donate blood and save lives, I was excited too but I’ve donated blood only once after I become 18 and that too when blood donation camp was held in my college, it was compulsory for us.

Few days back I’ve came across some DELHI UNIVERSITY students who have started a group to provide blood to the needful patients. In Delhi region they are doing great but their aim is to provide blood to each and every needful individual all over the country and expand their group by uniting students all over country and make a chain so that no one dies for blood. I won’t ask you to go in any blood donation camp and donate blood regularly but you just have to donate it when you are asked to and it’s necessary near you region or city. I’ve seen many karma believers on Instagram and Facebook, everyone lives for themselves but very few live for others. This is the time to prove yours IG and FB status true, Mataji sab dekh rahi h. 

  • People who want to join us in this great initiative can contribute from here only. You just need to comment you WhatsApp contact ,your blood group and your place. 
  • The one who requires blood can send his detail through WhatsApp to the people who is near you by searching the one from the comments. You need to send this details specifically –

 *Blood Requirement Form*

Date :
Place :

Name of the Patient: 

Blood Group:

No. of units Required:

Hospital Name : 

Cause of Requirement:

Attendants Name:

Contact Numbers:

Verified by (name along with mobile number) :

This is a great initiative taken by students I urge you all readers to join this. Every year our nation requires 4 crores unit of blood out out of which only a meager 40 lakh units of blood is available.

The gift of blood is a gift of life.


You all readers must be thinking the reason behind starting this blog but let me tell you I’m here not to motivate anyone or comment on some great people’s work. Instead I will be sharing my experiences and my aspirations. Since I’m an engineering student, I’ll surely be talking​ about engineering but along with this I’ll tell you how I made this engineering fun and how can you do it. Basically, most of the students I’ve seen scared of doing things or going on a trips with friends thinking that it might affect their academics or maybe they doesn’t have any idea from where they should start. I’ll surely talk about the political and social views of today’s youth and how this youth is trying to help the people of this country in any way. I’ll try my best to summon this youth together which is now in parts to achieve common goal. The type of lifestyle each and every young individual desires to have; I’ll elaborate about that too.

Bhaiyo aur Behno agar seedhi bhaasha mein bolu toh sabko ek saath ek platform par laana chahta hoon aur agar iss youth ko ek saath le aaya toh uske baad kuch bhi achieve Kar sakte h. Kyuki aaj ke yug me sabhi ko ek dusre ki zaroorat hain.

Thanks & Dhanyavaad.